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Combo Special

Choice of soup: (Wonton, Egg Drop or Hot & Sour), Egg Roll & Fried Rice

 Sweet and Sour Combo  13.25  Triple Delight  14.75
Chicken, Pork and Shrimp
Sliced beef, chicken white meat, jumbo shrimp sauteed w. assorted vegetables in a brown sauce
 Land and Sea Galary  15.25  Prawns & Scallop Combo  15.50
Prawns sauteed in chili sauce on one side. Shredded pork Hunan style in brown sauce on the other side
Prawns & scallop w. broccoli, mushroom, baby corns, green & red pepper
 Dragon & Phoenix  14.75  Lover Shrimp  15.25
Shrimp w. chili sauce & general tso's chicken
Shrimp sauteed in chili sauce on the side, shrimp w. lobster sauce on the other side
 Three Delicacies w. Scallions  14.75  Subgum Wonton  14.75
A tasty choice for the hot & spicy food lover. A delicious dish w. chicken, shrimp & beef stir fried w. fresh scallion sauce
Shrimp,lobster,chicken & roast pork sauteed w. Chinese vegetable mushrooms, water chestnuts & bamboo shoots surrounded w. crispy Wonton
 Multi Taste Chicken  16.25    
Three different taste chickens on the one dish. A unique chicken dish